1. welp, going out to walk the dog was a mistake today since socal is on fire… i actually feel kind of dizzy from bad air quality now oops that teaches me to try and go outside

    i should know better and just stay indoors and play ac liberation

  2. is ‘emotionally compromised by titans’ a valid excuse to give my adviser for why i didn’t finish any paintings this week

  3. omg i am taking my cooking co-op to see pacific rim and i am so stressed out that they won’t like it and will be making sarcastic ironic comments while i am crying and curled up in a ball of tears and snot and emotion

  4. listening to a classmate repeatedly refer to Black people in South Africa as “African-Americans”

  5. haha wow i was in class and i didn’t realize that opening the notifications panel on my tablet would show a picture of my latest reblogged post from the tumblr app

    pretty sure guy next to me got an eyeful of carlos and some rather amorous tentacles

  6. watching LoK is so stressful for me i really want to love it because i loved atla so damn much and i love the world building and the designs and the flavor and the animation




    i just AAAAAAauuhfgh

    i finally got around to watching the new episodes and all my old anger over the “end” of book 1 just simmered back to the surface

    character development what character development

    sighs i will just continue to angrily watch every episode i guess at least it’s still pretty

  7. hahaha civ v brave new world is downloading and taking away any chance of productivity for the next week with it

    i love how the tag ‘brave new world’ has suddenly been flooded by civ screenshots in the midst of aldous huxley

  8. when i see someone drawing ridiculously well

    first i’m filled with jealous rage
    then comes bitter hatred

    then comes arousal

  9. things i like rendering

    • naked people

    things i don’t like rendering

    • armor
    • weapons

  10. does it make me a bad person if i am cackling with glee that the annoying loud shouting stomping smelly drunk people outside are now screaming because it suddenly started raining like mad

  11. reviewing skyscrapers for my art history final

    on the wikipedia entry for the flatiron building

  12. one of my facebook friend’s boyfriend is named david anderson every time he shows up on my feed i am just

    i also had the strangest dream about garrus recording a journal log about casual sex with sidonis and also complaining about how his visor was shattered and embedded in his face after the omega recruitment mission?

    ok time for my art history final now hopefully the arnica gel will help me write my essays though tbh it doesn’t feel like much when i put it on…

  13. ….i have just come to the realization that alcohol only improves my social skills at a party when there is someone more awkward than me there

  14. i am finally on grown-up!connor hooray! though it is hard to focus on doing missions when i spend most of my time petting animals or stabbing animals

    when this happened i was just like… really? you really needed the extra two feet of height that badly?

  15. HA! AC3 is now 50% off on steam… i knew all this waiting would pay off eventually :’D

    now i can finally see connor ahhhhh